Effects of Face Recognition Technology

Face recognition technologies can add your face data to databases without your knowledge or consent and put you in danger. Your face data may be available for use without permission by government, police, advertising companies, or technology companies.

Many of us eagerly share our photos using social media and using various filters. We are willing to share our face data publicly and we are happy.

Face Matching System

Various camera technologies that record us as we walk around the street and determine who are the moving targets continue to evolve and evolve with artificial intelligence. Airports from around the world integrate face recognition into the check-in and passport process.

The fact that Amazon filed a patent application to use doorbell cameras to confirm that the cargo was delivered to the right person demonstrates the seriousness of the situation.

Tests on face recognition technologies revealed that there were various problems in identifying faces of black people. If this software becomes available to the police, it may provide false evidence and data to officers. That’s enough to think about how dangerous technology it is.

Facial Recognition Technology

As it is known, the Chinese government started to operate with more than one hundred million public surveillance cameras to control the population and monitor every movement of its citizens. The government announced that they are aiming for a face-recognition system that is fully networked and controllable, working everywhere with mobile phone signals and digital finance transactions. Together with the system, it was announced that people who do not pay taxes will have a low degree of social credit and will not be able to benefit from some constitutional services, which has led to a global debate.

With face recognition technology, your devices are easily accessible and your face can be used for different purposes through videos. States can use the law to draw the boundaries of face recognition technology or use it for their own purposes. Citizens of the country need to focus on a democratic process in this regard.

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