Emission Effect of Supersonic Jets

Supersonic flights continue to be the favorite subject of aviation. Even though the new supersonic flights excited us, the sector is one step behind due to emission concerns.

There are a number of methods available to mitigate the impact of climate change today and they support the reduction of carbon emissions. For example, in Europe, by 2030, electric vehicles will replace fossil fuel vehicles.

Given the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per passenger, the aircraft is one of the world’s largest emissions-emitting vehicles. The focus of the manufacturer is on how fuels can become more efficient for aircraft engines to cope with this problem.

For this purpose, Boom Technology company, 75-seat Mach 2.2 Jetliner airplane presented at the Paris Air Show. The company hopes the plane will be completed by 2025.

The International Clean Transport Council said that supersonic jets will spend more fuel and seriously affect the world’s emissions, and they have great concerns about it.

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