Is A321 XLR Can Change All Routes Plan?

The A320 Neo’s long-range (8700 km) version of the A321 XLR, which stands out for its fuel efficiency, offers approximately 180-220 passengers. Expectations from the plane are so high that airlines such as Air Lingus, Iberia, Frontier, Wizz Air, JetSMART, Qantas, Flynas, Saudi Arabian Airlines, JetBlue and Cebu Pacific are now waiting in line for the A321 XLR. In addition, the problems of the MAX model that Boeing is experiencing nowadays lead the airlines to prefer Airbus.

As it is known, the Boeing 787 was designed as a narrow body for long-range flights. The A321 XLR was built with the same logic, but has other advantages. For example; Pilots with A320 Neo training can do Mumbai-London with the A321 XLR without any extra training after the Mumbai-Bangalore flight.

With the A321 XLR, you can plan point-to-point flights very easily and then complete the day with a short route. For example, you can make a long-range flight from India to Europe and return to India after 2 hours of waiting and you can do Mumbai-Delhi on the same day. It is not financially possible to do this with a wide-body aircraft. You will be harmful as an airline because you cannot reach sufficient occupancy.

The A321 XLR has a lower cabin pressure than the B787 and A350 based on a height of 8000 feet. It is said that this cabin pressure can increase the jetlag effect on long flights. There is no determination yet, but there is such a theory.

While Boeing battles the technical problems of 737 MAX aircraft, it is good to know that it is too early to talk about the production of the B797, which has the potential to become an A321 XLR rival.


The most important issue is the possibility that the A321 XLR will break the monopoly of major airports that are transit points. A new era can begin with the A321 XLR for long flights that have previously changed the face with the B767 and A300 series. United, who is currently making B767 transatlantic flights from America to various parts of Europe, is experiencing problems due to strong winter winds and load restrictions. The A321 XLR can be the solution to these problems.

As a result, the A321 XLR may reduce the importance of airports used for the transit flight and provide an advantage in favor of airlines. Flight range and fuel efficiency put it in the foreground. We will be following the A321 XLR with its new features.

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