Water Vapor and Water Clouds Detected on Planet K2-18B

The scientists found that there were clouds of water on K2-18B, located about 110 light years away from Earth, showing signs of rain. Professor Benneke, from the University of Montreal, testified that after detecting water vapor, they turned to clouds containing liquid water droplets with new analysis techniques they developed.

This study once again emphasizes the importance of water in terms of the search for habitat and offers humanity the hope of a new habitable planet. Some planets have also been identified as having vital hydrogen.

Professor Benneke also stated that they had not detected any living things on the surface of K2-18b, and that the earth did not have a surface as we thought. Which means that even if there is rain, we won’t be able to see the effects of rain on the surface.

It is also suggested that there may be major difficulties with vehicle landings due to the lack of the planet’s surface and the fact that the gas on the planet is so thick. Benneke thinks that the massive amount of gas on the planet is accumulating and forming rocks, and that’s how the planet became what it is today.

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