Wearable Technology Can Allow Employees to Monitor Performance

The use of various wearable technology devices is increasing day by day and this gives us a lot of data. The devices help us maintain my life by providing us with various calories, how much we spend, how much we walk, or our heart health.

A research team in Dartmouth agrees that this data makes human life easier. But they ask, “What happens if the bosses get this data?” The research team says that their performance can be measured with special sensors using an accuracy of 80%.

The system creates profiles with data sets created by monitoring the physical and emotional signals generated by employees throughout the day. It measures performance by comparing data from people in accordance with these profiles.

Campbell Poor performance can be affected by a variety of factors, such as insomnia or stress, and therefore should not be ignored when performing a performance assessment, Andrew said Andrew Campbell, professor of computer science at Dartmouth College. Cambell, the world’s leading technology companies are surprised to use traditional methods of performance measurement, these data are predicted employees using depression, data sets and evaluation should have two separate functions, he added.

Research has also revealed that detail-oriented and disciplined people are more productive. It also supports data that people who use fewer phones at the workplace perform more.


Cambell argues that this technology and data can be used to improve performance rather than measuring employee performance, and may be more useful.

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