What We Know About 5G Which is Next Generation Technology?

While some experts think that 5G is a revolution for mobile technology, some experts say that 4G has not yet completed its mission and is not in a different excitement for 5G.

The first major leap in cellular technology began with the 1G technology from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. People were able to communicate wirelessly for the first time. In the 90s, 2G revolutionized mobile phones by setting a universal standard in various networks and digital phone calls. In the late 90s, 3G phones offered the most basic internet access and fast data flow. Finally, at the end of the 2000s, 4G came and this technology enabled faster connectivity. He has made tremendous contributions to the development of platforms such as Youtube and Netflix.

When talking about 5G technology, the end consumer normally focuses on speed. For example; he hopes that he can download 4K episodes of the series he watches in just a few minutes, or stream HD to users while broadcasting live. Experts say that 5G speed will affect smart home technologies and users will focus on mobile 5G speeds rather than WIFI.

There is talk of the potential that 5G technology can completely change the concept of the Internet of things, but there is no clear data on whether the industry is ready for it. Experts say that 5G will be the cornerstone of increasing productivity, especially in the healthcare industry, and will lead to radical changes in education systems. It is stated that 5G will support various training organizations created especially about VR technologies.

As a result, 5G technology cannot enter our lives suddenly, it has the potential to move human beings to a different position in terms of speed and internet of things in many ways.

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