Why Should We Protect Elephants?

Research in Myanmar revealed that the footprints of the elephants created a suitable environment for the reproduction of frogs. It was found that the frogs left their eggs in the pits they opened with the footprints of the elephants and this was one of the most suitable areas for frog breeding.

These breeding nests opened by elephants are said to be one of the stepping stones for the frog life population. This reveals how important Asian elephants are to the ecosystem.

Frog Eggs

Steven Platt, who works as a herpetelog in the Wildlife Protection Association’s Myanmar program, said, “Asian elephants are of great importance for the ecosystem. They not only change the vegetation, they reveal bamboos and distribute the seeds. They also influence their populations by constructing temporary pools for small vertebrates. Vurg
Since the effects of the elephants on the ecosystem affect the entire interconnected population, the importance of animal ecology is once again understood.

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